CUBIKS HROD INC. is a corporation anchored in the passion and commitment to be the learning and development partner and consultant of choice. Our customers advocate pursuit of excellence and positivity in the management and advancement of strategic plans, competency system, leadership, and valued human resources and high-performing talents – including improvement of organizational structure and business processes.

CUBIKS HROD INC. advocates holistic development of organizations, processes, leaders and human resources through collaborative and interconnected efforts with the our customers; thus, ensuring positive impact is achieved.

CUBIKS HROD INC. provides consultancy, improvement, learning and development programs nurtured in the principles of excellence, professionalism and accountability. Our post-graduate degree holder and/or licensed/certified Consultants and program designers bring with them their valuable advanced knowledge, and expertise brought about by cumulative three decades of relevant experience in their own fields of discipline.

CUBIKS HROD INC. exists because of the zeal and determination of our customers to address their strategic management, organizational improvement, learning and development needs.



Your excellence-focused learning programs provider and values-driven advisor in strategic planning, organization development, process improvement, competency systems, leadership, human resource management and development.



To design, develop, and facilitate culture-fair and customer-customized learning programs in change management, leadership and employee development;

To guide and coach clients in the enhancement and/or improvement of their organization structure, culture, processes, strategic planning and goal alignment, and competency system development and integration;

To construct assessment tools as instruments to analyze and extrapolate customer needs, satisfaction, and other organizational initiatives; and,

To ensure learning, development and improvement programs are relevant, significant and responsive to customer needs resulting to high levels of their satisfaction.